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TRUTH has done it again with their most recent EP, Twinkle Toad. This dubstep powerhouse duo is known throughout the international scene for their sub-shattering basslines and dynamic emotional range. Building upon their success, the pair continues to push the limits of sound, delivering monumental music at every turn. Their rich involvement in the dubstep movement boasts a plethora of shows and festivals around the world, as well as a myriad of releases on Deep Medi Muzik, Disciple, Wakaan, and on their own label Deep Dark & Dangerous. The renowned sonic architects demonstrate their sensational talent and virtuosity with this tasteful 4 Track EP.

Truth begins the descent into the darkness with the first track off the EP, “Strange Dreams”. Listeners are immediately transported into an eerie, sci-fi nightmare, as the song features spooky vocal samples, rumbling basslines, and ghostly arpeggios that grasp their ears, pulling them deeper into the depths of the dark dream. Focused and strategic percussion keep the audience on the edge of their seats, while the second drop rattles on, giving them that proper, low bass that everyone loves from Truth.

The energy gets even heavier with the next track, “Side Eye.” The intro kicks off with a heart-racing melody and builds for a drop full of gritty sustained basses. That lead alone will send listeners into a tornado of wobbling chaos. The second drop hits even harder, combining that same strong lead with 8-bit sounds, taking the song to a new level. Truth went full gas, no brakes with this one, so expect to hear “Side Eye” rumbling on sound systems this year.

The title track, “Twinkle Toad,” takes listeners down the rabbit hole, with a beautiful piano melody accompanied by soothing female vocals, making the audience feel as if they are wandering in an otherworldly, dream-like realm. Truth has such a talent for layering soft vocals over their sub-heavy compositions, giving their music an emotional touch. Soft plucks and lush percussion paint a mystical soundscape, while the subs and drums create a satisfying bass beat that fans will love to move to.

The final track, “Mind Prison,” completes the EP flawlessly and showcases Truth’s immaculate production skills. The fourth track kicks off with a cinematic, choral build, slamming into an action-packed drop, that makes listeners feel like they are trapped in the matrix. It’s forever mind-blowing how much these two can incorporate into one song, making each one a captivating work of art.

Truth has paved many pathways in the international dubstep scene and continues to do so with their ever-growing arsenal of music. From their latest full album Acceptance to their most recent Twinkle Toad EP, they continue to prove their versatility as artists with each track varying from expressive, emotional soundscapes to high-energy, sound system shakers.

The duo is slated to play many festivals this season including Kosmic Kingdom, Yonderville, and Outlook Origins, amongst their many other show dates. Be sure to give Twinkle Toad a listen, and catch their 2 year anniversary Quarantine Sessions Twitch Live stream on March 12th starting at 2 pm PST!


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Written by Hannah Janosko

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