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Miami-based Brightwing comes forth with his new Saints and Sinners EP, and this 4 track work of art is packing some severe heat.

Starting off, Brightwing takes us on a voyage through the perils of space with their first track, “La Santisima Muerte.” Alien-like synth work mingled with techy, computer-influenced sound design kick off the intro, and make way for the heavy, vibrational drop that sends the audience in a storm of bass.

The title track, “Saint and Sinners,” kicks off with a vibrant, melodic opening featuring soft, ominous vocals. Reaching the second part of the song, the atmospheric mood present in the beginning is still there but is layered with a whirlwind of low-end sounds, bringing it to a whole new level. This track demonstrates Brightwing’s ability to show a more emotional side through his music while still retaining the true elements of bass music. It’s one of those songs where if the artist dropped it towards the end of a great set, it would put us all in our feels.

Listeners take a deep dive with his third track, “Sad Saint.” What stood out most was how he used a variety of dub elements, including those delayed drums that the true heads love.

To close out the EP, “Prayer Position” is a concoction of complex drums and hard-hitting sounds that are sure to have you on your knees praying to the bass gods.

Shout out to Brightwing for this massive release. Each track felt like a new chapter of a story he was telling. This EP is an incredible creation, and we are excited to see more from this artist. Check out the new ‘Saints and Sinners’ EP on your favorite platform, and grab the album off the Widdfam Bandcamp!




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Written by Hannah Janosko

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