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The Widdler & Pushloop are back at it again. Partnering up once more, the two artists have come together to release a 3-Track EP, Back to Basics. Dropping on The Widdfam and coinciding with their ongoing US Tour, the new EP features releases on Keep Deep, Abysmal Entities, Elemental Arts. Each a master of their craft in their own right, these two are no strangers as they have joined forces previously to unleash a massive collaboration on the Deep Dark & Dangerous label titled Abydos. In addition, they also have created a plethora of remixes of one another's music via their platforms. This new EP is a perfect blend of style and heft, all while staying true to the foundations of bass music.

The first track, “Gatz,” comes out with the finger guns blazing, and it immediately commences with an inter-dimensional feel. This collaboration features strong kicks and snappy snares mix with galactic atmospheres, setting the scene as listeners are swept away in waves of hard-hitting, crunchy synths. The energy is merely amplified further with the second drop, as the audience is met with catchy vocals and heart-pumping percussion.

The mood shifts into a more relaxed state as the EP transitions into the second track “Pirch” by The Widdler. A dizzying array of balanced and bold percussion fused with wobbly, metallic synths pummel listeners between waves of rolling subs and crisp drums. This wonky, dub-influenced track is guaranteed to give any sound system a workout.

Ending the EP, Pushloops' "Emerald Leaves," delves into a magical, blissful soundscape combining soft flutes with 8-bit elements, making listeners feel like they are in the middle of a video game. The audience is then pulled further into the depths with spiraling synths while thumping basses and captivating melodies take us on an enchanting journey through the expressive mind of Pushloop.

Each collaboration between The Widdler and Pushloop continues to produce unbelievable results, and their styles meld perfectly, delivering an impressive and unparalleled auditory experience. Over the next 2 months, these two will be busy with their ongoing Back to Basics US tour. We can not wait to see what else these talented artists have in store for us in the future. Make sure to check out the new EP, and check their upcoming US Tour dates to catch them in a city near you!


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Written by Bryan Ulma

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