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MLOTIK and ZLEN bring us a new ghastly EP, Ghost Room, on label Street Ritual! These two have teamed up before and demonstrated their outstanding abilities with collabs like “Jabberwock,” “Excurro,” and “Slack Jaw.” Their new EP is no different and once again solidifies that when they come together, they create soundscapes that send you into an eerie realm of experimental sound and dark bass.

One artist that has consistently impressed with each passing release is MLOTIK. With their Intercal EP release on Subcarbon Records as well as some of their releases with Spicybois, this duo continues to spread their name in the underground community.

ZLEN has an arsenal of music out, including his 12-track Free The Dragon EP, released back in 2019. Just under a month ago, he released a new track, “Tiger Lilly,” on MeSo’s underground label, Spicybois.

From the instant, you press play on “Calypso,” MLOTIK and ZLEN immediately clutch onto your soul and pull you down into a dreamlike world. Hypnotic synths and electrifying basslines hit and transition into a light, mysterious mood, making the audience feel as if they were floating through time and space.

We descend into the shadows with the next track, “Session 626,” picking up right where “Calypso” left off as the journey into the ghost-like void resumes. In the beginning, the intro features soothing synth work combined with hip-hop elements, making this a track you can not stop dancing to. The drop comes in with metallic plucks, alien synths, and hard-hitting sublines that penetrate your ears, leaving you wanting your volume set to max. “Iota Draconis” steps up to the plate next and delivers an otherworldly combination of gritty sound design and stimulating percussion, leading us into the ethereal plains of IDM and deep bass.

Ending the EP, “Sundae Driver” creates stunning musical imagery while showcasing each artist’s dynamic producing capabilities. Time-warping melodies, captivating rhythms, and complex musical textures make this a true work of art that's both mesmerizing and pleasing to the ears.

Ghost Room is an impactful, emotional, and motivating EP, and it’s easy to fall in love with the cutting-edge sounds in this phenomenal project. When MLOTIK and ZLEN come together, you know you are going to get a sure-fire creation!

Ghost Room is out NOW on all platforms for your listening pleasure!



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Written by Hannah Janosko

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