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Ternion Sound's "Dovetail" Remix EP is out now.

Ternion Sound, comprised of Andrew Hill, Jack Denney, and Aric Okerman, are known for their prolific sound design and heavyweight bass frequencies while still staying true to the UK sound. These three have been taking huge strides with their project and have been captivating the international dubstep movement with releases on Duploc, Artikal, Chestplate, Deep Dark & Dangerous, Next Level, 1985, and Gourmet Beats. The trio is supported by legendary artists such as Digital Mystikz, Distance, J:Kenzo, Joe Nice, and more, and continues to carve their path in the dubstep scene with every track released.

In 2019, Ternion Sound released their “No Other Way” EP on Next Level Dubstep, featuring their hit track “Dovetail,” and today their long-anticipated Remix EP was released, showcasing remixes from Kursa, Bukez Finezt, and Reso.

Kursa never fails to push the envelope of bass design, and brings his unique style into this remix by giving it a glitchy and techy feel, while fellow Slug Wife member Reso delivers a drum and bass blaster packed with fast breaks and hard-hitting percussion. Berlins’ Bukez Finezt proves once again that he’s one of the top dogs delivering a hefty remix with ripping basslines and a classic head-bobbing Bukez Feel.

All 3 artists have incorporated their individual styles into three uniquely distinct remixes, providing a whole new take on the original. Dovetail is available on 12" vinyl as well as a digital download. Check out these latest remixes, and enjoy them on your favorite streaming platform!


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