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Hailing from North Carolina, Raleigh Resident Joshua Friese, AKA PHIST unleashes his first official release, a massive 3 track EP titled “Digital Efficiency” on The Undergrowth label. Taking influence from artists such as Yoofee, Kercha, VCTRE, and more, PHIST is pushing boundaries with a focus on sound system culture, and roots music. “Digital Efficiency” takes listeners on a voyage through sound design and auditory exploration.

Kicking things off is “Plant Tape.” The track begins with a dark, vivid atmosphere, paired with hypnotic percussion pulling the listener into a dream-like state. Once the drop hits the mood instantly shifts. Slammed with wobbling basslines and an otherworldly feel, “Plant Tape” begins our descent into the depths.

Things take an even darker turn in the second track “Let Loose.” Rugged basses accompanied by smooth drums fill the soundscape, and PHIST walks us deeper into the underground abyss. The third and final track “Ooey GUI” blends an addictive mixture of guttural wonky basses, crushing drums, and searing synths, ramping up the energy to finish out strong.

Judging off of this EP, PHIST has proven to deliver an immersive sound that lights up the dance floor and will give your subs a workout. He is determined to give his listeners an organic approach to a true infrasonic experience with every release and performance. Be sure to keep an eye out in 2022 for PHIST on lineups near you, and for his forthcoming releases scheduled for later this year!

Check out his “Digital Efficiency EP” on The Undergrowth, and enjoy the album on your favorite listening platform.

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Written by Bryan Ulma

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Josh Friese
Josh Friese
21 feb 2022

Honored to be featured here! 👊🏽

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