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CONTRA SCANDAL recently delivered an explorative and impressive 7-track EP, PANTHER, via the Street Ritual label. This Denver-based artist has releases on Gravitas, DANK ‘N’ DIRTY DUBZ, Subciety, Spicy Bois, and more. He continues to propel the boundaries of dubstep, and PANTHER is no exception. Building upon a decade of electronic music production, combined with a lifetime of experience in both violin and metal guitar, CONTRA SCANDAL conveys his unique take on bass music while staying true to the foundations of dubstep. He delves into a multitude of genres, exploring left-field, dubstep, and vocal-influenced tracks while featuring robust sound design and dazzling melodies.

Upon diving into the EP with the first track, Muddle,” you can already feel the passion that went into the creation of PANTHER Listeners are welcomed with a sinister, alien-like atmosphere, immediately pulling them in with wild crushing basses and fierce synths. This first track instantly rattles the room, setting the stage for what’s to come.

Next up is Stanky Rank. It starts out with a soothing and relaxing intro, building the contrast for what’s about to come. Sticking true to the dub style, the track evolves into funky synths, pleasing percussion, and hefty sub lines, all with CONTRA SCANDAL’s signature flavor.

The third track on the EP, “Cloud 9,” brings back the momentum, reeling us in with high-energy vocals, killer fills, and sleek synth work. Halfway into the EP, “Zonia” delivers a new style featuring enticing flutes paired with fast building, heart-racing percussion. The drop features a wonky beat with engaging switch-ups and immersive basses that will leave you hungry for more.

The title track, “Panther,” delivers in true fashion with a dark and mechanical intro combined with soft, organic synths that set the atmosphere. Energetic vocals shift us into a whirlwind of searing synths and pounding drums.

Closely following is “In the Making”. Returning to the roots of dubstep, this track is oozing with style. The rich horns meld perfectly with the crisp basslines and bewitching melodies, giving this a classic dub feel.

The final track, “Infinity,” caters to CONTRA SCANDAL's unique style, showcasing his extensive background as an artist as well as vocalist. Thumping bass lines and polished vocals leave listeners with a lasting impression, turning the EP into a full listening voyage.

CONTRA SCANDAL is an artist you will surely want to keep an eye on. While his bold, heavyweight sound shines bright, this EP has some truly beautiful elements placed throughout it. If you’re in the area, catch him at The Little Brown Jug in Winnipeg, Canada on 6/4, as well as Arizona’s June Jam Music & Arts Festival this summer, and be sure to give the EP a listen below.




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Written by Bryan Ulma

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