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Widdfam DROPS their 62 track 2021 Compilation.

The WiddFam began its journey as a one-off community, kicking things off with a compilation album in the Fall of 2019. They since upped the level, turning into a full-blown record label in the summer of 2020. This US-Based Dubstep Label was created in association with The Widdler's following and is reputable for promoting artists through Twitch & Discord. Having a plethora of releases and hosting their weekly Widdfam Tuesday Twitch Series, this independent label helps new and established underground creators find their voice and spread their music. Continuing to support as many producers as possible, they just delivered the latest installment of their compilation series. This monumental collection is stacked with gems, featuring over 60 tracks from some familiar names as well as an array of new faces.

Containing elements of deep dubstep, drum and bass, experimental, and downtempo, the new WiddFam compilation encompasses a variety of genres, bringing bass enthusiasts some of the most mind-melting sounds from the underground music scene. This series has something for everyone to enjoy, clocking in at 4 hours of playtime. Kick back, stream on your favorite platform, and dive into the WiddFam 2021!

50% of sales will be donated to The Trevor Project to aid LGBTQ+ communities. This donation will take place on March 1st, and the amount raised will be announced on their socials and discords. Also, make sure to check out all of these talented artists and support their endeavors! Head over to their Bandcamp to purchase!

Art by ZiEK, Mastered by SerpentEyes & Variant


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